Google Ads

Google accounts for over 90% of organic web traffic globally.

As a result, Google’s native advertising solution, Google Ads, formally known as Adwords, is a prime method to drive high-quality traffic to your site.

We streamline your Ads campaign to ensure your ads are in line with the style and phrasing that potential customers pay attention to.

We’ll ensure that your cost-per-click is as low as possible while achieving a prominent ad position.

We focus on the following key components of a successful Google Ads campaign:

An ad position that gets you noticed
When it comes to ad position, it’s more than just getting the top spot.

Top spot definitely gets the most clicks:

ad position

This is great for building brand visibility.

But you’ll pay top dollar for that real estate, so you need to be 100% sure that the clicks you get convert.

This means that you should only fight for top spot on a highly targeted keyword and your ad better be relevant to the content you’re directing visitors to.

Ad copy that sells

Ad copy is critical for success.

We evaluate ads from your competitors, as well as those of non-competing sites in the industry to uncover key customer motivations such as product quality, credibility, or cost.

With this knowledge, we create actionable copy to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) to match these motivations.

Our ads are never static. We constantly A/B test to improve ad performance.

Configure Adgroup structure

A poor adgroup framework makes it difficult to determine which keywords trigger your ad to appear and which ads need further adjustments for visibility.

We structure your campaign around keyword categories that makes it easy to determine ad performance.

Proper adgroup configuration also allows us to control how often an ad shows and how much you’ll pay for it during the auction.

Remarketing to the right audiences

We analyze your audience for remarketing opportunities. This allows us to show hyper-targeted ads to people that have interacted in some way with your brand.

Remarketing helps you reconnect with visitors after they’ve left your site, keeping your brand at top of mind.

Here are some examples of people that could benefit from seeing a retargeting ad:

Remarketing increases visibility of your ads in front of a select audience.


Develop and Manage your budget with care

We responsibly use your budget to maximize ad efficiency and reduce cost-per-customer acquisition.

We develop effective campaigns with your maximum budget in mind, or provide budget recommendations to allow successful campaigns to be developed.

Are you ready to spend less and gain more sales?

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you affordably advertise your business.


What is ad position? How is it determined?

Ad position refers to the location of your ad on SERP in relation to other ads.

Google analyzes each ad’s click-through rate, relevance to chosen keyword, and user experience to determine where to display an ad.

What is cost-per-click (CPC)?

Cost-per-click is the amount of money you pay every time your ad is clicked.

What can I achieve with a Google Ads campaign?

Like all advertising mediums, Adwords can help increase traffic and sales especially for long-tail keywords which attract customers near the end of their purchasing lifecycle.

Google Ads didn’t work for me previously. Why?

Either your product or service isn’t a popular search item, or your previous ad campaign was mismanaged.

A successful campaign requires keyword research, categorization, and actionable copy to guide the right customers to the solutions they seek.

How much money do I need to invest in Google Ads for success?

Realistically, the amount you need for success depends on your advertising objectives and business model.

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